09-23-2013 HMS1 slow 10 euro metric ton on Italian domestic market/ 304 solids scrap remain stable.

09-30-2013 stainlesss scrap probably slow 40 euro next week

02-10-2013 stainless factories talking about October contract and try to reduce formula.

05-10-2013 stainless scrap probably slow down next week 40 euro.

02-11-2013 stainless formula slow at 74% ni content; iron scrap jump 10 euro Metric tons.

09-12-2013 stainless market remain the same as past november

01/01/2014 Happy new year 2014!

01-02-2014 Stainless scrap market probably slow down on February.

08-02-2014 Stainless scrap market remain flat.

05-03-2014 stainless scrap market move up 30 euro

17-03-2014 stainless steel scrap market remain stable.

23-03-2014 stainless scrap market probably up 20 euro metric ton next month.

26-04-2014 Stainless scrap market probably up 50 euro metric tons next week.

16-05-2014 Stainless scrap market becoming instable due to nickel up and down.

29-05-2014 stainless steel scrap market remain on good standing.

11-06-2014 stainless steel scrap market slow down.

24-07-2014 stainless steel scrap market remain stable.

24-07-2014 please info about your interest on our weekly scrap price up-grade e-mail.

01-08-2014 Nickel & HC fe-cr slow down.

01-08-2014 we got usable superalloys plate, please contact by e-mail.

27-08-2014 welcome back from holiday! stainless scrap market remain stable as end of July 2014.

12-09-2014 stainless steel scrap market slow down, back to July prices. 400 series scrap is in troubles.No mills enquiry.

16-09-2014 market remain instable.

22-09-2014 Nickel this morning slow down at 17000 $/metric tons.

01-10-2014 nickel this morning slow down at 15970$/metric tons, 304 scrap price,fall 12% against last month price.

14-10-2014 SS Scrap market remain instable.Price probably fall gain next wee. Cr, Mo, Iron is on the same situation.

21-10-2014 ss scrap market is dead, same for 400 series, probably formula slow down because iron scrap drop again.

15-11-2014 ss scrap price remain depressed, same situation for 400 series that follow iron scrap market.

02-12-2014 we looking for ss 304 scrap.

09-12-2014 we confirm our purchase interest on 304 solid scrap.

16-12-2014 market slow down, because winter holiday.

19-12-2014 Happy winter holiday! Ciao

20-01-1015 Market restart slow, but we remain on the market.

                 Mills purchase formula remain the same of last month.

24-01-2015 Nice to inform you that our company are ISO 14001 approved.

24-01-2015 Next week we will up-grade our purchase scrap price list.

10-02-2015 We looking for 304 solids scrap. Any interest for 310 usable plate? please info.Tks

18-03-2014 Stainless steel scrap market are unstable.

18-03-2015 We looking for HF. Please contact us for your enquiry about it.Tks

07-04-2015 Today we will mailing our new purchasing numbers.Tks

24-04-2015 Market remain stable.

02-05-2015 Stainless steel scrap prices remain stable.

18-05-2015 Probably formula up grade

02-06-2015 We will inform by e-mail about our new purchase numbers.

08-06-2015 304 scrap price remain stable against low nickel, because ss mills improve formula's.

Formula jumping at 85% Ni LME content, because scrap shortage.

06-08-2015 stainless steel scrap aisi 304 price remain stable.

06-15-2015 stainless steel scrap aisi 304 price slow down.

06-15-2015 nice to meet you in Dusseldorf, at Gifa 2015 HALL 13/ F 53.

06-15-2015 stainless steel scrap news, nickel slow down but market remain tight.

06-15-2015 we need beryllium scrap and chips, please offer.

06-26-2015 umco 50 solid scrap enquiry are welcome!

06/26/2015 HC 276 solids scrap enquiry are welcome!

06/26/2015 alloy 825 solid scrap please info!

06-26-2015 stainless steel scrap prices upgrade will be delivered as usually on next monday.

06-26-2015 we looking for zyrconium scrap.

06-29-2015 stainless steel scrap news prices up grade delivered by e-mail today.

06-29-2015 we looking for inconel 718 solids scrap.

06-30-2015 stainless steel scrap news, mills work upgrade formula's against nickel fall.

06-30-2015 we looking for purchase hastelloy c 22 solid scrap, inconel 625, alloy MP35N, UMCO 50, K50.

07-03-2015 Hastelloy scrap looking for Italy delivery.

07-03-2015 stainless steel scrap news, market tight and nervous.

07-11-2015 stainless steel scrap news, market probably next week  slow down, because summer holidays.

07-11-2015 Umco 50 solids scrap/K 50 scrap, we looking to purchase 5 metric tons of it.Please contact.

07-22-2015 JFY we will 9120 Lloyd's Register approved for the next 3 years.

07-31-2015 stainless steel scrap probably slow next month.

07-31-2015 we looking for UMCO 50 scrap or K50 scrap.

07-31-2015 we looking for Maraging 300 scrap.

09-03-2015 market restart slow, HMS1 & HMS2 slow abot 60$/metric ton in one month, also stainless steel scrap slow down abot 200$ metric ton against July numbers. We need alloy S ( small round  bars)

09-05-2015 stainless steel scrap news: market probably slow down also next week.we need inconel 625 solids scrap.

09-15-2015 stainless steel scrap news: market fall again, mills reduce price formula, also iron slow down  due to low price billet arriving from China.

09-15-2015 we need maraging alloys.

09-21-2015 stainless steel scrap news from Italy: market slow down because  iron scrap tumble.
Rumors also talk for a  new formula %Ni LME reduction.
JFI: next monday we mailing our new purchase numbers.

09-28-2015 stainless steel scrap news: market slow down again because HMS 1&2 tumble.
 we need I 625 solids / maraging scrap / 80-20 scrap.

10-05-2015 stainless steel scrap news: we looking for 80-20 scrap; we looking for Inconel 625 scrap;we looking for cupronickel scrap 70-30; cupronickel 90-10 scrap; kovar scrap.

10-07-2015 stainless steel scrap news: market continue to slowly down because Molybdenum tumble at its minimumun quotation( 2004), also Tungsten market is in bad situation. Iron market is in the same situation.Steelworks postpone the delivery of products!  we looking for aisi 310 solids scrap, we need NA22H solids scrap.

10-20-2015 Stainless steel news: stainless probably loose other 30-50$ metric tons because Iron down again. we need RENE 41 solids; Alloy 718 solids and Turnings.

10-21-2015 Stainless steel news: we looking for Maraging 250 turnings.

10-28-2015 Stainless steel news: market is tight, steel works probably try to reduce formula, because also iron tumbling. Next monday we will send to supplier our puchase number. we need alloy NA22Hsolid.

11-06-2015 Stainless steel news: market probably slow down again because nickel down.
We need inco 625 solids vac grade. we got MP35N blocks. we got HS 21 solids.

11-16-2011 Stainless steel news: market probably slow down again because winter holiday.

                 we need inco 625/ Maraging 250/ NI-Co Refining.

11-28-2015 Stainless steel news: stainless scrap market probably drop becuse winter holiday; HMS1/2 up about 10$ metric tons; JFY we handling and processing Zircalloy CP & Alloys.

12-04-2015 Stainless steel news: stainless scrap probably again slow down because winter holiday; we need alloy B564 and alloy B 494 as usable.

12-19-2015 Stainless steel news: we looking for 310 solids as skeleton or heavy plate.Available 718 turnings Vac Grade.

12-28-2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!! we will restart on 01-11-2016.

01-09-2016 Stainless steel news: next Monday we will send our new purchase numbers. we looking foer 310 solids. CiaoSorridente

01-16-2016 stainless steel scrap news:  304 solids slow down again. We looking to purchase waspalloy solids &chips.

02-06-2016 Stainless steel scrap news: 304 solids scrap is tight, but price remain good against LME. we looking for alloy 625 .

02-15-2016 Stainless steel scrap news: market slow down again; we need Waspaloy solids scrap

02-29-2016 Stainless steel scrap news: market always depressed; we need 625 solids; waspaloy solids, Na22H solids.

03-07-2016 Stainless steel scrap news: market jumping a little bit after nickel move up; we need 625 solids scrap.

03-07-2016:we looking for MP35N solid.

03-19-2016:we looking for waspaloy solid, 304 solid, 310 solid.Market remain slow.

03-26-2016:we looking for F75 stellite solids also Ti contaminated or off grade; we need 304 skeleton  solids.

04-12-2016:we looking for aisi 310 solids,aisi 304 price remain stable.

05-13-2016:we looking for aisi 310 solids; stainless steel scrap market slow down.

05-18-2016:we looking for ASTM F75 CoCr Alloys.

06-06-2016: Stainless steel scrap market remain stable, market remain short, works remain on last month position, Iron scrap up and down,.

06-06-2016:we looking for UMCO 50 solids scrap.

06-16-2016:we looking for 310 skeleton.

06-16-2016:stainless steel scrap price, aisi 304 slowl because Iron. we need waspaloy solid, also alloy 625 solids and chips.

06-18-2016: we looking for cooling scrap.

06-30-2016: we starting a new service as Advisors Recycler.Please contact us about looking for markets     and technology on.

06-30-2016: Nickel jumping a little bit, steelworks reduce the formula because market is slow. It is always the same history!

07-07-2016: stainless steel scrap news, factories talking about a formula purchase reduction, because nickel jumping. We need aisi 310 solid.

07-19-2016; we need alloy 713c in solid form. nickel jumping a little bit.

07-22-2016: Si comunica che le aziende rimarranno chiuse per le vacanze estive dal 23 Luglio 2016 al 28 Agosto 2016.

07-22-2016: Hello, we will closed for summer holidays from 23th July 2016 till 28th August 2016.

09-17-2016: Market slow down again becuse mills work reduce its purchase formula.

09-17-2016: We looking for aisi 310 solids high quality recycled materials, also Na22H solids.

09-20-2016: we looking also electronics scrap, just metallic yeld materials.

09-30-2016: iron scrap slow down/ stainless mills works reduce also purchase formula's

09-30-2016: we need tribaloy 800 solids.

10-06-2016: we looking for purchase aisi 310 solid.

10-06-2016: we need scrap gost b26 solid & gost b28 solid.

10-22-2016: Market probably slow down because formula change. We need asi 310 solids & 304 chips. 

11-05-2016: Mills work reduce purchase formula's, we need maraging scrap.

11-10-2016: market jumping on LME.Mills Works purchasing slow

12-08-2016: market always need iron scrap, also HC Fe-Cr jumping. We looking for NA22H scrap, HP alloy scrap, HT alloy scrap, HH alloy scrap.

12-14-2016: we looking for to buy heavy  aisi 310 plates, also flat products.

12-20-2016: winter holidays 2016, we will closed from 23th December 2016 till 08th January 2017.


01-05-2017: Happy new year, we need aisi 310 usable as plates, bars, flat also post industrial.

Iron market probably jump 10 Euro x metric ton, Hc Fe-Cr+other basic Fe-alloys jumping.

01-16-2017: we need C.P. TI turnings; We need 90-6-4 Turnings.

02-13-2017: we need aisi 304 solid scrap at € 1xxx per metric ton DDP our yard by dumper truck.

03-10-2017: we need aisi 304 solid scrap at € 1xxx per metric ton, market slow down BUT iron scrap as HMS1 jump 30 euro x metric ton. we need Waspaloy scrap.

03-15-2017: We need aisi 310 plates usable size 1200x1500x60mm.We remain on the 304 scrap market at 1xxx x metric ton., please do not hesitate to contact us for more info and so on.

03-20-2017: we handling and processing alloy 400 solids scrap. We need also aisi 310 usable plates.

04-14-2017: we need 304 solids and turnings.

04-14-2017: available to sell MP35N solids/ N155 solids/ Ni-Co alloys solids.

05-14-2017: available alloy B in small pieces.

06-05-2017: available alloy C in small pieces.

06-06-2017: available alloy S in small pieces.

06-12-2017: available alloy 276 in small pieces.

06-14-2017: available 2nd and re-usable aisi 410 series and 430 series.

06-19-2017: we need aisi 410 flashings.

06-22-2017: available usable alloy aisi 17-4 and 15-5, small pieces and different sizes.

06-29-2017: available aisi 17-4 PH in solids and chips.

06-07-2017: we need forged rolls, any quantity.

07-07-2017: we need aisi 304 L scrap any form any sizes.

07-08-2017: we need aisi 316 L scrap any form any sizes.

07-14-2017: available NI-Resist 1 scrap propellers, MP35N scrap, ALLOY B scrap, ALLOY S scrap.

07-17-2017: we need cast iron turnings and borings.

07-20-2017: we need aisi 304 solid scrap HRB or loose.

08-01-2017: available duplex alloy unwelded tubes from 1meter to 3 meters long.

08-03-2017: available aisi 304 unwelded tubes from 1 metre to 3 meters long, various tick available.

08-08-2017: nokynaet npo@aet nom rocty b26/28.

08-29-2017: scrap market restart here in this days, we need cast iron turnings clean and dry.

09-13-2017: we need aisi 304 solids and aisi 304 chips & Turnings.




09-11-2017: Ni-Resist 1 small propellers available for sale, about 40 metric tons.